Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collinsville 11-1 at Ragland 11-0

Heard on 98.3 FM

Injuries: Nick Brandon (leg-will play), DeShawn Moore (ankle-day to day), Curtis Williams (knee-will play), Nick Hoffman (hand-out), Sharrard Dupree (Knee-will play)

Notes: David Hernandez, who kicked the game-winning 27 yard field goal, also stars in soccer and basketball. David Hernandez along with Tray Reed were state spotlight players in the ASWAA Spotlight this week. Tray Reed had 3 interceptions, one returned for touchdown, 15-yards rushing, threw one completion for 40 yards...Collinsville assistant Bobby Beckett was head coach of both Ragland 1971-74 and Collinsville 1994-97...Former Panther Robert Gray has played in 10 games for Jacksonville State at safety. He has 11 tackles, 4 assist and 2 interceptions in 6 starts...Collinsville is 0-5 lifetime in third round games...Collinsville is 1-5 against Ragland lifetime...WEIS Radio 990 am will have David Hernandez, Nathan Coker and Coach Alan Beckett as guest on thursday nights one-hour show live from the Gridiron in Centre. The show runs from 6-7 pm.

Coach Beckett on Last Week's Game:
"The first half we did a great job with their passing game. We got pressure on the quarterback. Our linebackers did a great job. We came up with 5 interceptions the first half and that was big."

"We did a great job in the kicking game. David's punts and kickoffs made them have to drive the whole field."

"We felt like we had a chance to blow the game open. Then before you could turn around, we had an ejection, three receivers and a back hurt. It makes it very difficult to move the ball at that point. Defensively, that forced us to go cover 3 with injured players. Now it is a credit to our players for finding a way to win."

"Lynn did a great job making so many second half plays. They were ranked number one part of the season for a reason."

The Drive
"We saw that they backed off defensively on the last drive. So we hit them with something quick. Credit to Curtis Williams for making a big play. He pushed it down really close. Nathan had a run and then got a interference call. Then David knocked it through. Big kick for a great kid."

"Ragland is very good at so many things. They are very good upfront. Ragland runs the ball well. Nick Daniels has already rushed for more than a 1,000 and you can't tell me much difference in Devane Brewster who backs him up. Fullback JohnMark Mintz is a bruising blocker who catches the ball well. He already has several scholarship offers."
"Quarterback Scotty Smith throws and runs well. he just manages the offense well. Then they have the most dynamic pair of receivers in 1A. KiJana Lindsay and Jimmy Brock are phenominal. Against Berry, they had 5 catches for 210 yards."
"Coach Mintz does a great job. He has won big at Ragland and Glencoe. This may be his best team of all."

"We are excited about the opportunity to play them again. We've reminded the players of several famous rematches in the past that went the other way the second time. Ragland will be a tough atmoshpere to play in but we are excited to go see what happens."


Courtesy of Y-Ratings
Matchup : (1A) #13 COLLINSVILLE vs. (1A) #9 RAGLAND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1A) #13 COLLINSVILLE STATS (1A) #9 RAGLAND ========================= ================= ======================== 11 - 1 OVERALL RECORD 11 - 0 6 - 0 REGION RECORD 6 - 0 ----------------- 35.8 (15) AVG PF 45.0 ( 6) 13.0 ( 7) AVG PA 11.8 ( 6) 22.8 (12) AVG DIFF 33.2 ( 5) ----------------- 112.2 (13) RATING 124.0 ( 9) ----------------- 89.3 (60) SCHEDULE STRENGTH 90.8 (55) 49-74 0.398 Opponent's Record 54-60 0.474------------------------- ----------------- ------------------------ TEAM - OPP COMMON OPPONENTs TEAM - OPP------------------------- ----------------- ------------------------ 49 - 0 W COOSA CHR 54 - 7 W 56 - 0 W JEFFERSON CHR 73 - 12 W 28 - 7 W GAYLESVILLE 40 - 14 W 28 - 7 W GAYLESVILLE 46 - 8 W 21 - 14 W APPALACHIAN 30 - 14 W============================================================================================ SEASON REVIEW============================================================================================(# 13) Team Name : COLLINSVILLE Region : 7...... ..................................... ................................................Rank opRK Opponent Current-Rank Game Score Rating OppRating Prediction Result------ ---- ----------------------- --- ---------- ------ ------ ------------ ----------...... .... COOSA CHR #52 49 - 0 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . ...... .... SPRING GARDEN #36 41 - 25 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . ...... .... GASTON #23 24 - 14 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . (# 3) # 0 WOODVILLE #60 56 - 14 W ( 127.2) 100.0 Win by 28 Won by 42 (# 16) # 54 JEFFERSON CHR #62 56 - 0 W ( 109.5) 76.9 Win by 33 Won by 56 (# 15) # 25 CEDAR BLUFF #19 26 - 20 W ( 114.7) 101.9 Win by 13 Won by 6 (# 16) # 46 GAYLESVILLE #38 28 - 7 W ( 112.6) 79.6 Win by 33 Won by 21 (# 11) # 59 DECATUR HERITAGE #58 49 - 15 W ( 115.5) 63.9 Win by 52 Won by 34 (# 11) # 47 VALLEY HEAD #45 49 - 13 W ( 114.5) 78.6 Win by 36 Won by 36 (# 13) # 7 RAGLAND # 9 7 - 12 L ( 113.7) 124.9 Lose by 12 Lost by 5 (# 13) # 25 APPALACHIAN #22 21 - 14 W ( 113.5) 100.8 Win by 13 Won by 7 (# 13) # 11 LYNN #14 24 - 22 W ( 115.7) 119.0 Lose by 4 Won by 2 ------ ---- ----------------------- --- ---------- ------ ------ ------------ ----------(# 13) Team : COLLINSVILLE RATING: 112.2 89.3 Prediction Record (8-1)================================================================================================(# 9) Team Name : RAGLAND Region : 6...... ..................................... ................................................Rank opRK Opponent Current-Rank Game Score Rating OppRating Prediction Result------ ---- ----------------------- --- ---------- ------ ------ ------------ ----------...... .... FAYETTEVILLE #50 35 - 0 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . ...... .... DONOHO #12 46 - 13 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . ...... .... JEFFERSON CHR #62 73 - 12 W (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . ...... .... - open - # 0 0 - 0 . (......) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . (# 8) # 50 GAYLESVILLE #38 40 - 14 W ( 123.3) 78.4 Win by 45 Won by 26 (# 6) # 39 AKRON #40 54 - 21 W ( 127.6) 87.6 Win by 41 Won by 33 (# 5) # 50 JACKSONVILLE CHR #53 54 - 14 W ( 128.3) 76.1 Win by 53 Won by 40 (# 7) # 62 COOSA CHR #52 54 - 7 W ( 123.9) 60.6 Win by 64 Won by 47 (# 7) # 29 APPALACHIAN #22 30 - 14 W ( 124.9) 96.8 Win by 29 Won by 16 (# 7) # 13 COLLINSVILLE #13 12 - 7 W ( 124.9) 113.7 Win by 12 Won by 5 (# 8) # 37 GAYLESVILLE #38 46 - 8 W ( 125.0) 87.9 Win by 38 Won by 38 (# 8) # 7 BERRY # 8 51 - 20 W ( 124.1) 128.5 Lose by 5 Won by 31 ------ ---- ----------------------- --- ---------- ------ ------ ------------ ----------(# 9) Team : RAGLAND RATING: 124.0 90.8 Prediction Record (7-1

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lynn 9-2 at Collinsville 10-1 Round 2 Friday November 11, 7 pm at Chad Hawkins Stadium

Injured: Nick Brandon (knee-day to day), Nathan Coker (virus-will play), Aaron McGarvey (knee-doubtful)

Notes: Lynn defeated Collinsville in there only meeting in 1996 19-15. Collinsville assistant Bobby Beckett was head coach of that team...Collinsville is 5-1 all-time in second round games...Collinsville has set the school record for most points in a season with 406. That eclipses the mark set in 2010...Lynn spent two weeks at number one during weeks 7 and 8...Last week was Collinsville's first playoff win since 2001...Collinsville players Shon McElrath and DeShawn Moore visited as prospects at the Jacksonville State-EKU game last weekend.

Quoting Head Coach Alan Beckett:
On Practice
"We came in Sunday and lifted, watched film and went through pass scale. Monday and tuesday were very business like. In the playoffs the whole process starts over each week and you have to get your competitive juices going again."

"155 yards in penalties was rediculous. We were very undisciplined. I thought we did a great job of overcoming adversity but you can't have that many negative plays."

"Lynn found a way to win the game last week. They have great playmakers. They have thrown for an absurd amout of yardage. What stands out is how physical. They play very hard and never turn down somone to hit. There is a reason they go deep in the playoffs every year."

"They run lots of trick plays, fake punts, onside kicks. Offensively, they have more formations and motions than an arena league team. That region really knows how to score points. Alignment will be very important."

Last Week
"I thought we did a really good job defensively. We gave up scores after stopping them and getting penalties. We had lots of total yards on offense. We missed a fieldgoal, didn't get in another time and had a touchdown called back another. However, we had a nice winning touchdown drive in the fourth quarter."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome November-Let's Get to Trottin!

Congratulation to the Collinsville Historical Association for another successful event last night at the second annual downtown "Trunk or Treat". Very well attended with lots of great games for the kids and many local churches and group represented with candy galore. Look for your children's pictures on from Envision Media was here with the bucket truck and in his booth taking pictures of all the excitement. Mark your calendar for the annual Turkey Day event downtown on November 12, 2011.

Eyeglass Donations

The Collinsville Library is now taking donations of prescription eyeglasses that you no longer need, for the Centre Lions Club. Simply bring them to the library and place them in the yellow box.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

APLS Survey

October 5, 2011
The following is a press release from the Alabama Public Library Service (APLS). The link to the press release on the agency’s website is:
Press Contact: Jim Smith, (800) 723-8459, extension 3907


Alabama Citizens Asked to Share Library Views
Alabama citizens are being asked to share their views on public libraries by completing an online survey during October and November. Their opinions will help shape the future of the state’s public libraries, said Alabama Public Library Service Director Rebecca Mitchell.

The survey can be taken at any computer with Internet access. Citizens can submit the survey from their home, office or local public library. The survey will be available through November 15. To access it, go to and follow the directions.
Mitchell urged citizens to take the survey. “We need input from the public to evaluate current services and to ensure libraries remain a vital part of the community in the future,” she said.

APLS will use the information to develop a five-year plan for the state’s public libraries for 2013-2017.

Those who are unable to access the survey online can obtain a printed copy from their public library and mail it to the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama, Box 870252, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0252, ATTN: STATE PLAN.

The library wish-list of some citizens was heard at seven meetings held in the summer at locations throughout Alabama. The survey will allow anyone who did not attend a meeting to be heard.

The 2008-2012 plan identified priorities for the state’s public libraries, including reading enhancement for children and young adults, services for the underserved and for people with special needs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quoting Coach Beckett:

Ragland 9-0 #7
Collinsville 9-0 #4
Chad Hawkins Stadium
Friday October 28
7 pm

Last Meeting: Ragland 37 Collinsville 0 2010
Series: Ragland leads 4-1

Injuries: None

Collinsville will honor all former All-State players at halftime. Former all-state players are asked to meet on the field at halftime...Both teams come into the game ranked. Collinsville #4 and Ragland #7...Collinsville already knows it's first round opponent. That Panthers will play Appalachian round one at home...DeShawn Moore visited Alabama-Tennessee as a prospect saturday...Former Panther Robert Gray got his first national exposure playing on ESPNU against Kentucky saturday...Collinsville assistant Bobby Beckett has been head coach of both teams playing. Beckett was head coach at Ragland from 1971-1975. He was head coach at Collinsville from 1994-1997 going 25-20 with four playoff trips...Collinsville Coach Alan Beckett is now the second winningest coach in Panther history with 33 wins. Ernie Willingham is third with 31.

Quoting Coach Beckett:
On Collinsville
"I thought we did some things well against Valley Head. Obviously our secondary played well because of the interceptions. I thought it was a good night all the way around for the defense."

On last year's 37-0 win by Ragland
"I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares that they are still scoring. According to last year's game we need to spend the week practicing PAT block and kickoff return."

"It was very one-sided game. Ragland had several big plays and we didn't do a very good job of handling adversity."

"We hope that we have had some growth to where we can handle adversity. When you play good opponents, you will face adversity."

on 2011 Ragland
"Offensively they are explosive. Wide receiver Jimmy Brock is one of the best in the state if not the best. Nobody has stopped him this season. Running back John Mark Mintz is a dominating fullback and defensive end. He has several college offers including Jacksonville State. Tailback Nick Daniels is a physical and fast running back. He is a great middle linebacker."

"They have outscored opponents 386-95 which is very dominating. They are well coached and play very hard."

"It will truely be a challenge. A challenge we are excited about."ReplyForward« Back to InboxCompose MailArchiveReport SpamDelete
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We are happy to announce, Peggy Williams as the winner of our mosaic raffle bench.

Congratulations from the staff of the Collinsville Public Library.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You've Been Tagged!

Funded by a grant from the State Council on the Arts, “Support the Arts” tag program, Linda Munoz worked with fellow artist Heather Nicely and volunteers Jane Bedford and Pat Harlow to direct 15 Collinsville High School students. She helped students design the scenes for the bench tops and taught them about cutting glass, and choosing your color palette. Students mixed the grout, poured it, rubbed it into the lines, and then cleaned the final projects.
Five benches and the three-by-five (feet!!!) mural of the school mascot, the Collinsville Panther were given to the Collinsville School. The sixth bench pictured above will add a nice touch to the front of our Town Hall. At tag renewal time, please consider purchasing a “Support the Arts” tag in appreciation for funding this project. When a tag is renewed and an “Arts Tag” is purchased, $48 dollars from the tag fee are spent on projects in communities all over Alabama.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turkey Trot

This year the Turkey Trot will be on November 12th. in downtown Collinsville. So come early and join the fun. Hope to see you there

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gaston at Collinsville

Gaston at Collinsville
All-Time Record: 12-12-1
Collinsville by the numbers:
Home: 1-0
Away: 1-0
Scoring: 90
Opponent: 25

Notes: Jesse Chandler had 16 tackles, 1 assist, 1 fumble recovery and rushed for two touchdowns...Collinsville has now won 14 of their last 16 games...The Panthers are +4 on give-away/take-away...Collinsville was 6th in last week's 1A ASWAA rankings...Former Panther Robert Gray started on defense, kickoff, kickoff return, had an interception and two tackles in Jacksonville State's 24-23 win over UT-Martin.

Quoting Coach Beckett:

on injuries -
"This is the healthiest we've been. We've really battled injuries. Players have missed each week. We might have everyone this week."

on linebacker play
"We've waited a long time to see our linebackers play like this. Jesse had 16 tackles and Tray 12. We are making strides fundamentally and the play shows it."

on DeShawn Moore's 5 catches for 117 yards
"Each week we've felt someone had a match-up we liked. Last week it was DeShawn. He sure does deserve it. He's such a team guy who works so hard.

On improvement
"We've got so many things to correct and improve. We hope these guys continue to work hard and don't get caught up on people telling them they are good."

On Gaston
"Coach Averette has Gaston going in the right direction. They really looked good against Gaston. They have great team speed and play really hard. He's got them working hard in the weight room. Harder than they've ever worked. It's something that is beginning to pay off and will on down the road."

"Offensively, quarterback Shai Ogles is dangerous on the perimeter. Running back Jardan Mccartney had several big runs against Gaylesville. Jackson Bogle and Jeffery Collins are very hard to tackle. They get great combination and down blocks and their kids hustle downfield."

"Defensively, their team speed is impressive. They fly to the ball really well. Gaston's linebackers are down hill and very fundamental."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coach Beckett's Review

Collinsville 21 Shoals Christian 7
Collinsville scored on a ten-yard-run by Tray Reed, a 26-yard interception by Edgar Padilla and a 31-yard touchdown run by Nathan Coker. Shoals scored first on a field goal and last on a touchdown.

SC 26-yard field goal 3-0 - 1st Qtr.

Cville 10-yard run Tray Reed - 1st Qtr.
David Hernandez PAT 7-3

Cville 26-yard interception return - 1st Qtr.
David Hernandez PAT 14-3

Cville 31-yard TD Nathan Coker - 2nd
David Hernandez PAT 21-3

SC 16-yard TD - 2nd
PAT good 21-10

NSM 21 Collinsville 7
Collinsville's CJ Jones connected to Curtis Williams late in the half for Collinsville's only score.

Coach Beckett's Review
"It was good to have some success against Shoals. They only lost four seniors off of the team that beat us out of the playoffs. We battled the heat in the second game."

The Outstanding "The offensive line picked up where it left off run-blocking. Quarterback Nathan Coker and Josh Gogus ran the ball well. Several good kick returns and David Hernandez was consistent kicking."

The Good "The defensive line played well in spots and the linebackers showed improvement."

Needs Work "The secondary gave up way too many big plays. Pass blocking can be better and we never got any pressure on their passer."

Coosa at Collinsville
Thursday August 25
Chad Hawkins Stadium

NOTE: Coach Beckett will be the guest of Jon Holder on the WJSU-TV 24 this Friday Night on the show's "Pigskin Roundup."

INTERESTING FACT: Collinsville wide reciever/safety Colby Helms played for Coosa the last several years. His father Teddy was the head football coach having an impressive 18-14 record and taking Coosa to two playoff appearances. Thusly, the game will be a big one for the Helms.

Quoting Coach Beckett: "Our total focus is week one and Coosa. I hope our community does a good job of helping us take it one game at a time. The worst thing our community can do is talk about games that we don't play this week."

"We are eagar to get it started. Our guys have waited a long time to start it."

On last years 41-20 win over Coosa, "It was the best half (first-half) we had all year. We were really up for the game. I hope we don't lose that edge. We have to be geared up to play well. I'm sure they will have new wrinkles and play us off our feet."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Collinsville Library Adult Book Club

Collinsville Library Adult Book Club
Starting June 27th at 6:00 p.m. at the Collinsville
Public Library we will meet to distribute our first book
“Water for Elephants By:Sara Gruen”

This is a thrilling romantic story set in a traveling circus in the 1930s
During the time of the great depression. A complex elephant who
Taught people about love. A truly epic journey into the world of the
Circus that will leave a mark on your heart forever. Read it.
Come join us for this incredible masterpiece.

We will discuss the book on Monday July 25th at the Library
From 6:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. We will also discuss and plan
Future titles for the months ahead.
Call 256-524-2323 to reserve your spot.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


WQSB has teamed with Pepsi and Buffalo Rock to to help refresh, rebuild, or revive an area youth baseball field. the prize will be a $2000 grant to help with your project.

To enter the competition, upload a picture of your field on the "submit an Entry" page. Describe your project and why you should win. Then get all of your family and friends to vote for your favorite project.

The project with the most votes receives a $2000 grant.

Submission period is;

Wed May 2011 12:45 PM - Thu June 30 2011 11:59 PM

Voting period is:
Fri may 27, 2011 12:45 PM - Thu June 30 2011 11:59 PM

Winner will be announced Friday July 1, 2011

So get your photos uploaded, and Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Stained Glass Mosaic Bench

The Collinsville Public Library is proud to announce that this year will be the tenth annual Quilt Walk. To commemorate this great achievement, the Quilt Walk officials have decided to offer you a chance to donate to the Collinsville Public Library's building fund, by purchasing a chance to win a beautiful stained glass Quilt Walk bench.

This beautiful bench was created for the library by Artist, Linda Munoz, of Little River Art Studio, in Mentone Alabama. It features quilt squares made of shimmering glass.

Donation tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be on Monday September 26, 2011.

You can purchase your tickets at the Collinsville Public Library.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adopt A Duck

Well it is time for the annual duck race again. Collinsville duck race is May 14th at 3 PM. They will drop ducks at 4:00 pm. at town plaza at the corner of Hwy 68 & Hwy 11. A chance to win $500.00, 200.00 cash, and lots of other great prizes!! $5.00a duck or $25.00 for 6 Benefitting the Collinsville Playground fund.

Hamburger plates will be sold on behalf of the Jay Thomas Patton--Kids for Christ forever playground fund. There will also be inflatable bouncers and slides for all

"A day for Jay" Bring your chairs & watch over 2000 ducks splash to the finish line!!! an entire afternoon of family fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Collinsville Library Plant Sale

Gardners get ready! Our spring annual Library Plant Sale is coming soon-look for us on May 5th and 6th from 8:00 am until 5:pm, at the parking lot of Kilgore Drugs. We are taking donations from local gardners-please share with us from your bounty.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biggest Snow in Decades Hits Collinsville!

Day three of the "Big Snow" still has downtown looking like a winter
wonderland. The local post office is up and running but Liberty Bank
is slated to open later today at 12:00 pm. Collinsville Police are
reporting main roads such as 68 and 11 are clear as well as the 59
interstate but secondary roads are extremely dangerous. Do not travel
these roads unless in an emergency situation. The Sanitation
Department of the Town of Collinsville plans to resume trash pick up
on Thursday-if your regular pick up day is Monday-Thursday-please set
your trash out by early Thursday morning.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Announcing the winner of the Quilt Walk Donation Quilt

The Collinsville Public Library would like to announce Nancy McCoy of Guntersville, Alabama as the winner of the 2010 Quilt Walk Quilt. Congratulations Ms. McCoy, We thank you, and everyone for your donations to the library.

The Garden Bench

This beautiful garden bench can be yours. It is one of a kind created for the Collinsville Public Library by Mentone artist Linda Munoz. Pick up your chances at the library. Ticket prices are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00