Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Collinsville Annual Duck Race


Collinsville’s Annual Duck Race- starting at 11:00 at  town Square beside the creek.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Headline-Spring has sprung-Library Plant sale!

It is time again for our annual Collinsville Library Plant sale. Our two day sale last year netted $908.00. The dates for this year are May 9th and 10th,, 8:30 to 5:30 Collinsville Drugs has agreed to allow us to set up shop in their parking lot. We will be picking up donations on Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 8th. You can call Mark at 256-557-4065 or the library at 256-524-2323 for a pick up or bring your items to the sale at the Drug Store parking lot on Thursday. If you need help digging up plants call the library and we will find a volunteer to assist.

Come shop with us and find that perfect Mother’s Day gift-and help out a good cause-your local library!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coach Beckett Resigns; Accepts Head Football/A.D. job at Winterboro:

Alan Beckett Resigns as Head Football Coach at Collinsville


Record: 43-23 (2nd All-Time Winningest in school history behind Raymond Weaver who was 85-103)

Won two region championships (2010 and 2011)

Advanced to the quarterfinals in 2011

Set the school record for scoring in 2011 and again in 2012

Set the school record for wins 12 straight (game eight of '09-game nine of '10)

8 players named first team All-State

Named Region Coach of the Year '09 and '10

Named DeKalb Advertiser Coach of the Year '09

Named Times-Journal Coach of the Year '08

Gadsden Times Coach of the Year '11

Quoting Coach Beckett

"First off, I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with such great young people. I really liked these guys."

"I'd like to thank Mr. Jones for giving me my first head football coaching job. His love for the school is unparralleled. Coach Riley Edwards did a great job working with the weight program and defense. He is always there working hard and loves Collinsville. John Tidmore helped for four years and was great to work with. He did a great job making our offense go. Lee Orr, Chuck Dutton, Mike McElrath, Tom Clanton, Teddy Helms, Bobby Beckett, Jeff Stanley and Tyler Coker coached some of the years I was there and were great help."

"James Coker helped in so many ways. He helped with so many little things to see that the program had a chance to succeed. We wouldn't have had a chance without him."


"This has been the hardest move in my life. I've made lifetime connections with these players. Last year I turned down a larger school that called and offered me. Later, I was contacted by another. I turned both of them down because I liked being at Collinsville."

"The Winterboro situation is different. My family is from that area. We have a family farm there with 90 acres. It is were my dad went to school. The pay is so much better than DeKalb County and the teaching schedule is pretty good."

"I turned down Winterboro once. Mr. Bates (the principal) called me again. The second offer was even better. I'll be the A.D. and over the booster club."

Six-Year Tenure

"When we got here the program had been a little down and needed work. "

The six years before Beckett, Collinsville was 13-37, no winning seasons and no playoffs. "The weight program, summer program and overall commitment was not were it needed to be."

"I was told by countless coaching friends that taking this job was career suicide and that we'd never win."

"In the beginning, the team was a joke in the hallway and players were reluctant to play."

"So I'm proud of what we've done. We've gone to the playoffs, had five straight winning seasons, grades have gone up, discipline is great, we've signed players to play college and we are winning."

"We convinced these kids to come out and play. Then we convinced them to work hard. We treated them like young men and many liked playing, even though we worked really hard."


"This is a good community. I think their is a wonderful community pride. All I heard before I came was the negative. Well, there is much more good here. That needs to be brought out."

Athletic Department

"I think we did a great job of connecting sports. I feel apart of the coming together of our different sports. You don't have that unity everywhere. However, I knew we would have to have it here. I'm proud that every Collinsville sport is winning. If you look at the records, basketball is the one with the long-time history but all sports have won lately."

Future of football

"The cupboard isn't bare. Matter of fact, that's important that the program is still in good shape. I think there are lots of players straight down to junior high. The kids worked really hard in the weight room this winter. I felt like this next team would be very competitive."

Next Coach

"The coach will need to recognize the uniqueness of this situation. We are mullticultural. Our latino students are new to football. Their fathers and grandfathers didn't play nor was it important to them. I was proud to see so many of our players were hispanic. This year we had two all-state players that were latino."

"This program is in good shape. I thought we had several more good teams ahead. However, it will take someone who understands the unique situation. Someone would really have to understand the situation and know who to listen to."